Lycra materials are widely used to facilitate children’s adaptive interactions with their clinic, school and home environments. They contribute to positive motor, social and emotional outcomes through participation in the occupational performance domain of play. Suspended swings, sheets/blankets, ropes, tunnels and compression clothing made from Lycra are just some of the many products that have been used in the delivery of paediatric sensory integration interventions. Occupational therapy practitioners have designed individualized activities to facilitate these essential components of function for family-developed goals:
▪ Integration of primitive reflexes through elongation, activation, strengthening and grading of multiple muscle synergies throughout the body, especially in the core, to achieve refined three dimensional movement;
▪ Strength and stability of the shoulders, arms and hands through grasp, weight-bearing and weight-shifting, and of the pelvis, knees and feet through weight-bearing;
▪ Dynamic stability with controlled mobility throughout the body, preventing fixing/holding or compensatory patterns;
▪ Balance and coordination through integration of vestibular and somatosensory input with each action
▪ Depth and variability of respiratory functions to support posture, self-regulation, alertness and vocalizations.


Lycra Therapy Tools

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