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Blue canoe nest swing 150cm from
Blue canoe nest swing 150cm from

Blue Canoe Nest Swing 150cm


Shaped like a boat/canoe and measuring 150cm long, this is a unique swing that is great fun to sit inside and play with a friend. The material is strong, smooth and weather-proof, supporting up to 100kg total weight, so it can seat more than one child.

The inner tubing is padded for comfort and safety. For hanging, you should affix it to 2 hanging points such as using 2 tree straps and hanging from a sufficiently strong tree branch. Alternatively, you could hang from 2 hooks such as on a play set.

To hang from a tree, you should:

  1. Choose a strong branch.
  2. Attach both tree straps so that the swing will move only forwards and backwards. If you use only 1 tree strap, the swing will spin.
  3. Adjust the ropes so the swing is at a safe height, to minimise fall risk.
  4. Check that the area below the swing is safe from dangerous objects (sticks, bicycles etc) or hard surfaces (cement etc).
  5. Test the set-up before handing it over to the kids.

The swing is now ready to play. Invite some friends over, as they’re all sure to enjoy it.

Made from Strong Weather-Proof Material

  • Padded Inner Steel Tubing
  • Seats Multiple Children
  • Capacity: 100kg
  • Hanging Length: 1.2-1.6m
  • Swing Length: 150cm
  • Swing Width: 55cm



Weight Capacity 100kg
Hanging Length 120-160cm
Swing Length 150cm
Swing Width 55cm
What's Included Canoe Nest Swing with Adjustable Ropes
Padded Tube Diameter 2.5cm
Suspension Rope 10mm Thickness
Appropriate Age 3+ Years
Purchase Protection 6 Months