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Purple Sandy Creek Single Weighted Blanket 3.5kg

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A vibrant and bold material designed by Janet Long Nakamarra depicting the setting around Tjanera Falls at Sandy Creek in the Northern Territory.

Children or adults with sensory processing disorders, particularly with tactile or proprioceptive dysfunction, have a need for deep pressure and proprioceptive input weighted blankets can provide.

For use whilst sleeping in bed or on the couch watching TV or relaxing. The weighted blanket can be wrapped around the shoulders for a comforting experience.

Size – Single 90 cm x 168cm

The therapeutic use of weight and deep pressure to muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments allows the central nervous system to better interpret and integrate both tactile (sense of touch) and proprioceptive (sense of movement, body position, and pressure) input. 

Weighted blankets are used by children who do not properly process sensory stimuli/input. They are:

  1. to improve body awareness
  2. to calm and improve attention and focus
  3. to decrease sensory seeking behaviours


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Contains 3.5kg of Poly Pellets
  • Made in Australia
  • Gentle machine wash

The Native Australian Artist

Janet Long Nakamarra, an experienced and intelligent designer has depicted the plain land under the Tjanera waterfalls and the surrounding Sandy Creek area located in the beautiful Northern Territory. Some people are sitting around the waterhole whilst others are walking around, whom Janet skilfully depicted with semi-circles.

Sandy Creek is a beautiful place in the Northern Territory of Australia. Many people visit this place every year to see a wonderful waterfall called Tjanera Fall. There are some Aboriginals who interact with tourists, telling Dreamtime Stories and involving them in the timber cutting activities.