Are you ready for back to school?

Are you ready for back to school?

Getting ready for back to school?

Let’s talk about some ideas to help not just the first timers, but the kids returning after holidays.

If you have a chewer, who chews everything including collars on shirts and pencils, look into oral chew necklaces, bracelets or hand tools. TherapySensory stocks a wide range of shapes and colours.

If your child struggles with writing, we stock the Grotto Grip which you put on a pencil to guide their fingers into the right angles for writing. These are the best on the market and are the most recommended by Occupational Therapists.

Fidget toys that are ideal for school to support fidgeting are products that do not make a noise or bother other people, something small they can hold in their hand and keep in their pocket or pencil case.

The next thing I would recommend is a weighted cushion. A plain coloured cushion with 4kg of weight can be used to sit on and wiggle, or placed on their lap for deep pressure therapy. Being a cushion it will not make the other children feel left out like a weighted toy might.

OK, what about uniforms? Does your child hate uniforms because they are scratchy? Or the socks feel funny? We have a great range of singlets to wear under their uniform or regular clothing to help them feel less irritated. Of course our seamless socks are a perfect for children who say they feel uncomfortable.

Check out for some awesome ideas and tools to help with school.

Also don’t forget you can always message me (Sharon) on here for free advice as I am a Sales and Sensory Consultant.

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