Sensory Socks to the rescue!

Sensory Socks to the rescue!
It’s back to school time, you’re all ready to go, then just as you’re getting your child ready, your child melts down!

There is nothing more annoying than a sock problem! The distraction is so intense for a child. It becomes hard for them to think about anything else without stimmingWhat’s going on? Because the socks are uncomfortable; they feel bumpy and scratchy, and they hurt at the toes. Throw in the challenge of some children being non-verbal and struggling to let you know what the problem is!

Introducing the perfect sock, the tried and true answer for those who cannot tolerate annoying seams due to Sensory Processing Disorder. These socks are primarily made from bamboo with polyester/elastane. From the toe up to the ankle, these socks are knitted like a cocoon to provide comfort and relief to children of all ages. More importantly there are no seams=no tears!

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