450x180cm Nylon Wrap Therapy Swing Manual

 Safety and Assembly Instructions 

WARNING! For ages 3+

Weight Capacity: 90KGS

Adjustable Height 

 We hope you enjoy this wrap swing, which can be used indoors with appropriate fittings or a stand, or outdoors when weather permits (though not left outside permanently). 

 Assembling your swing 

1. Remove the material and carabiners from the bag.

2. Tightly double knot one end of the material to one carabiner, leaving some excess material hanging. Do not single knot, or the smooth material could slide.

3. Repeat for the other end of the material on the other carabiner, but tying off at your desired length, if you want to adjust it shorter or longer.

4. You can now easiily latch the carabiners on and off of your hanging points.

5. You can connect the carabiners to either 1 or 2 points, for a more open or a tighter wrapping experience.

6. Assembly is finished and ready to use.

Safety instructions 

Ideally, the wrap swing should be hung over grass, sand, wood chips, padded mat, or other soft surface. It should not be hung over concrete, asphalt, or other hard surface. A fall onto a hard surface can result in serious injury to the equipment user. Distance from ground should not be more than 40cm. It is usually hung from an anchor plate, beam, stand, swing set or strong tree. 

The wrap swing is not intended for strong swinging, but rather for sitting or gentle swinging. Some spinning is supported if the hanging set-up allows, eg. if there is a swivel installed, or a hanging strap that can wind and unwind. 

You should keep the area around the swing free of dangerous objects eg. toys on the ground or other objects that can be tripped over, or nearby objects to bump into. 

Adult supervision is required. 

Important Safety Notes 

Make sure the wrap is double knotted tightly to the carabiners so it will not slide out. A single knot will not suffice. 

Avoid anything that could scratch a hole in the wrap eg. sharp or protruding objects nearby the swing, or on the person swinging. 

Supervise the child when using the swing, particularly: make sure they can get in and out safely, make sure they use it appropriately, make sure they have full control of their body eg. not getting stuck 

It is important for adults to instruct children to: 

Dress appropriately while using the swing (avoid ponchos, scarves, and other loose fitting clothing that is potentially hazardous). Avoid clothing that could damage the swing eg. shoes, metal buttons, rings. 

It is important for adults to instruct children NOT to: 

  • Walk close to, in front of, behind, or between moving items. 
  • Get on or off the swing while it is in motion. 
  • Attach additional items to the swing. 
  • Wear a bicycle or sport helmet while on the swing. 
  • Stand in the swing. Distributed weight is better eg. sitting or lying. 

Maintaining the Swing 

At the beginning of each play season, adults should 

  • Check all fabric, carabiners and fittings, making sure the setup is strong and undamaged. 
  • Replace defective parts in accordance with the manufacture’s instruction. 

At the end of the each play season, or when the weather is bad, adults should: 

  • Store the swing in a dry environment. 
  • Store the swing out of direct UV.