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Animal Bean Bag set from containing 5 different bean bags shaped like animals.

Animal Bean Bag - Set of 5

SKU: HAR-33-196

Bean bags are loads of fun for all ages and even more so when created as animals. Perfect for developing hand-eye coordination through throwing and catching. Use these in fun challenges or games at home or in the classroom. Comes as a set of 5 animals. Animals may vary from picture shown.

  • Filled with non-toxic, phthalate free pellets.
  • Vinyl
  • Durable and easy to clean.
  • Length: approx 13cm

Some things you can do with bean bags -

  • practice balancing skills - balance animal bean bag on your head, arm, spoon! You can even race each other whilst balancing the bean bag.
  • Hoola Hoop bean bag toss - take turns throwing bean bag into hoola hoop. Good for developing aim and hand-eye coordination.
  • Hop Scotch - instead of a pebble use a bean bag to throw in the square
  • Juggling!
  • Bean Bag hide and seek