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Blue Tent Attachment - 150cm


For use with our 150cm nest swings, this blue tent attachment works well as a waterproof sun shade. It is made from Oxford polyester, the same as is used for the hangouts.

It is a bit like a hangout, though larger and without the rigid circle shape. It is more of a draped shape, attached to the 2 vertical ropes at the front of the nest swing and the top ring of the nest swing (by Velcro), with the bottom of the tent hanging down loosely.

  • Diameter: 150cm Wide, For 150cm Nest Swings
  • Made from Waterproof Oxford Polyester, like the Hangouts.
  • Attaches with: Velcro

It can be matched with our 150cm nest swings, eg. 150cm orange mat nest swing or 150cm black rope nest swing.


What's Included Blue Tent Only (To be matched with a 150cm nest swing)
Material Waterproof Oxford Polyester (Like the Hangouts)
Purchase Protection 6 Months