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Boogers - Therapy Sensory


SKU: TNW-012

The name alone has them locked in! Boogers! They love it! The ickier the better! 

OOOOOH Gross! It’s so slimy!! Disgusting slimy BOOGERS!!

Let your kids relish in this sensory experience as they let this gooey slime run through their fingers. This is a delight for sensory seekers, but also a great way to encourage sensory avoiders to participate, a little at a time, touching, stirring, poking. If they normally avoid anything a bit icky, sometimes something funny like boogers can do the trick. They will be completely fascinated by the texture and will want to feel it on their hands, feet, arms and everywhere! They will be amazed by its stretching qualities. This slime has plenty of streeeetccchhh!!!

Contains approx 42grams.


  • Store in container when not in use.
  • Keep away from heat.
  • Do not place in mouth or nose. Do not eat.
  • May stick to or stain some surfaces. If necessary remove excess and wash with a solution of hot water and white vinegar.