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Ceiling Anchor Plate Kit: Single


Item Description
For use in concrete, brick or wood, this anchor plate kit is designed with ceilings in mind.

It uses 4 sleeve anchor expansion bolts when used in concrete or brick, or 4 wood screws when used in wood for a sturdy hold. It then uses a carabiner and strap with 6 loops for selecting the desired hanging height.

The anchor plate is a good option when you want something more solid than a screw hook or tree strap, or when you need to install in concrete or brick (which some hooks won't allow).

Setup is easy enough if you know how to use the expansion bolts or wood screws:

Installation in Concrete or Brick
The 4 expansion bolts (sleeve anchors) are specifically designed for use in concrete or brick.
  1. Mark out 4 holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
  2. Drill the holes with a hammer drill, with depth and width to fit the sleeve anchors inside.
  3. Clean the hole of dust using a vacuum, blower or brush.
  4. Position the anchor plate in place.
  5. Slide or tap the sleeve anchors in, then tighten the nuts sufficiently so that the sleeve expands, tightening itself in the hole.
For further instructions for installing in concrete or brick, see below:
Expansion Bolt Installation Instructions

Installation in Wood
Important: Do not use the expansion bolts in wood. It could split the wood, and will not be as strong as wood screws. Please only use the wood screws when installing in wood.
  1. Mark out 4 holes positioned correctly for the anchor plate.
  2. Drill pilot holes (to help to avoid wood splitting).
  3. Position the anchor plate in place.
  4. Drive in the screws.
Now you have your anchor plate in place, so you can attach your strap by passing it through the metal ring, then passing it through itself. Now attach the carabiner at the desired height and attach the swing of your choice.

Have an adult check the strength of the set-up before use.
Weight Capacity 100kg Each
Anchor Plate Diameter 12cm
What's Included 1x Anchor Plate, 4x Expansion Bolts, 4x Wood Screws, 1x Carabiner and 1x Adjustment Strap (110cm)
Purchase Protection 6 Months
Support 7 Days per Week
Assembly and Safety Manuals

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