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Chill Blanket - Cooling to the touch

SKU: NEP-100

The Chill Blanket is a game changer if you're a hot sleeper.

The fabric is light weight and  cool to touch so as soon as you slide under it, you'll get that cold sensation.

The fabric has a high water content and great heat conductivity, which both contribute to its uniqueness to the touch and its cooling properties.

Feel cooler tonight with the Chill Blanket.

Do night sweats on hot nights keep you awake? The Chill Blanket is for you. Experience restful nights for energised mornings by staying cool whilst still feeling cosy.

The silky smooth and luxuriously soft feel helps reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, to promote deeper and longer uninterrupted sleep.


Colour: Grey

Size: 200cm x 230cm

Materials: Ultra thin fibre nylon w/ Poly Fill