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Classroom Kit

SKU: KIT-013

For the first time you can now purchase a kit containing essential items for any classroom or home schooling situation.

  • The 12″ (30cm) Time Timer is a large visual timer (with magnet on the back) and can be placed at the front of the class on a wall, whiteboard or teachers desk so all students can see.
  • The Everyday Weighted Cushion is 4kg. Perfect in any classroom for children to sit on or place in their lap to help calm and settle. Available in a variety of colours. The inner bag has a zip to allow increase or decrease of cushion weight.
  • Sand Timer – shows the time at 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes. Helpful for setting smaller timed tasks or timing short fun games and activities.
  • Ooze Timer – medium – thick and gooey, depending on the temperature it flows for approx. 10 minutes. Great for when a student needs to relax by watching soothing ooze flow.
  • Grotto grips x 10 – pencil grips, our experience over the years with Teachers and Occupation Therapists has shown that the Grotto Grip is the most successful pencil grip. We have decided to stock only Grotto Grip pencil grips, we enclose 10 in this pack to make sure there are enough to go around, they are also available individual or in sets should you require more.


A brilliant kit for the classroom, great for teachers and preschools.

Something for everyone.

Colours can vary.