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Egg and Spoon - SALE

Egg and Spoon race

$35.00 $35.00

These colourful egg and spoon sets are great for developing balance and motor skills. Coloured so you know who has dropped their egg! How far or fast can you go with the egg and spoon? Create games at home with the children and race each other or practice social skills by taking turns.

Spoons are 30cm long, whilst egg is 6cm.

Colours picked at random, sold as a single item or as a set of 6.

  • The Egg and Spoon Set is great for developing balance and motor skills.
  • These colourful rubber eggs and matching hard plastic spoons for egg & spoon races makes it easier to track who has kept their egg balanced on their spoon.
    •  you can purchase as a set of six colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
    • You can also purchase individually
    • Spoons are 30cm long
    • Eggs are 6cm long.
  • Develop balance and motor skills
  • Practice social skills with turn taking
  • Race the family - who will be champion!