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Finger Tracing Calming Cards

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The emotional development of young people hinges crucially on self-regulation, a skill often underdeveloped due to their nascent nervous system and evolving prefrontal cortex, the brain's emotional control center. The reality is that many children, and even adults, grapple with managing their intense emotions.

Our Finger Tracing Calming Cards offer a supportive tool for young people during heightened emotional states. These cards serve a dual purpose: aiding in calming down and fostering self-awareness, while promoting the practice of mindfulness. With consistent usage, these cards empower young people to better manage their intense emotions, encouraging them to slow down and navigate their feelings with grace.


Fostering Mindfulness and Self-Regulation in Children

Navigating the rich landscape of emotions and understanding how to manage them is a fundamental part of a child's developmental journey. Our Finger Tracing Calming Cards serve as an effective tool in guiding them through this profound exploration. These cards offer an interactive, safe, and engaging medium for children to comprehend their feelings, cultivating valuable insights and refining their emotional intelligence while acquiring effective strategies for self-regulation.

Grounded in the principles of mindfulness and sensory learning, and supported by research, our calming cards have proven highly successful in enhancing self-regulation and mindfulness in children. Through tactile engagement with the cards, children learn to recognise, comprehend, and appropriately manage their emotions, developing indispensable life skills that lay the groundwork for healthier emotional expression and interpersonal relationships.

Cultivating Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

At the heart of our calming cards' impact lies the promotion of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in children. By using these cards, children learn to identify and understand a wide range of emotions, thereby enriching their emotional vocabulary and self-awareness. The ability to acknowledge and express their feelings effectively not only nurtures empathy and social connections but also endows children with lifelong skills for emotional intelligence and wellbeing.

The unique feature of our Finger Tracing Calming Cards is the tactile, sensory aspect. As children trace their fingers along the cards' pathways, they are encouraged to slow down, focus, and become more aware of their current emotional state. This physical connection to emotional understanding promotes a sense of calm, helping children develop mindfulness and effective emotional regulation strategies.

With the assistance of our Finger Tracing Calming Cards, children embark on a journey of emotional exploration, self-discovery, and growth, setting the stage for a more emotionally resilient, mindful, and empathetic future.


· 21 cards in each pack, including one instruction card

· A5 size - 148mm x 210mm

· Professionally printed on 400gsm card stock, with matte laminate, and rounded corners

· Each set comes in a premium calico drawstring bag for safekeeping

· Proudly designed and made in Australia


Find a quiet and calming space. Pick a card and use your finger to trace the line in the shape. Continue to do the same with the other shapes while focusing on taking deep belly breaths.

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