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Flashing Dice - Therapy Sensory

Flashing Die

SKU: BEN-003

Everyone loves Flashing Dice. Not just because they flash when you throw them, but because of their size. At approx 4 cm squared they don’t roll under chairs and get lost. They are also a good size for little fingers to manage, not so fiddly and easy to drop.

Also great for the elderly to manage with arthritic fingers and hands.

Sold individually, colour selected at random.

Because they are made from a firm but soft material they have a nice bounce to them, when you throw them, they will bounce about a bit, which gets the flashing going. Flashing Dice bring an extra element of fun to any game requiring dice, be it a  board game or a turn taking game. You can use just the one die, or two dice.

Perfect addition to every classroom.