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Foot Swing


The Foot Swing  helps Improve balance and coordination while having lots of fun while they swing.

The KBT foot swing is made out of extrusion blowmoulded HDPE plastic material.

The foot swing seat has actual footprints making it easy for children to stand up and swing without fear of slipping from the surface of the seat.

The children’s play equipment foot swing is a fantastic swing for kids to stand and balance while swinging. The Foot swing is a perfect swing to hang on your backyard play equipment swing set.

The foot swing comes complete with UV stable polyethylene adjustable ropes and the plastic foot swing is made from High Density Poly ethylene.

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European Standards and Regulations, Compliant to Australian Standards for Residential Play Equipment accessory.

 Dimensions: 357 x 355 x 40 mm

The maximum weight rating is 75kg.