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Golden Revolver Spinner

SKU: chi-110

Introducing the new GOLDEN REVOLVER SPINNER.

There is something amazing about the weight of this spinner. When using the spinner, you can remove the "bullets" to change the weight distribution for different sensations. There will be no doubt that it will become a favorite! My oldest son couldn't get hold of one quick enough.

Children, teenagers, and adults love Therapy Sensory's range of products. With stainless steel metal parts, they give them a funky look and feel and also mean that they do not break easily.

They're small & discreet and easy to carry with you everywhere! Because they are quiet, they are perfect for classrooms, offices, and travel.

Therapy Sensory tools can assist with...

  • Providing mental health support and anxiety reduction

  • The regulation of emotions and the input of sensory information

  • Concentration and focus - great for studying or working

  • Desensitization and awareness of tactile sensations

  • Fine motor skills, strength, and blood circulation are improved through hand function

  • A stress management strategy

  • Listening actively can increase focus & attention

  • Reducing unhelpful habits like nail biting, smoking, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking, leg bouncing, etc.

  • The process of finding a more socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences through sensory seeking substitution


The gold cog's center is made of aluminum. Stainless steel is used throughout the inner cog.

Intended for children aged 10 and older.

The importance of maintaining a sanitized fidget. They are regularly wiped.

Cleaning with an antibacterial wipe or damp cloth and drying thoroughly is the key.