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Hand Roller

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 The Infinity Metallic Hand Roller from Therapy Sensory weighs 125 grams

Introducing our most recent hand roller. It has a pleasant weight and a smooth feel.

 Three effective ways to use them are to rotate them in your hand, to roll them between your palms, and to roll them to massage.

 With 125grams, we have a heavier weighted product that is both a great stim product and also a fantastic weighted product.

 In addition, we have had good results using this product with individuals with dementia, Parkinson's, MS, or other disorders that affect hand function.

With Therapy Sensory's hand roller sensory tools, you can...

  • Anxiety reduction & mental health support

  • Regulating emotions and processing sensory information

  • Study or work tool that helps you focus and concentrate

  • Creating tactile awareness and desensitizing the tactile system

  • Fine motor skills, strength, and blood circulation are improved through hand function

  • The management of stress

  • Can increase attention and focus by helping to engage in active listening

  • Reduce unhelpful habits like nail biting, smoking, tapping, hair twirling, pen clicking, leg bouncing, etc.

  • Find a socially acceptable outlet for sensory preferences by sensory seeking substitution


Not suitable for children under three years old.