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King / Super-King Weighted Blanket II

SKU: K/Super-King-Weighted-Blanket-II-10kg-blue

The KING and Super-King Size Neptune Weighted Blanket® II - The largest weighted blankets on the market. Perfect for sharing and those with larger beds. Now with Aromatherapy pouch included.

The Blanket

It is designed for those who like to share. With ULTRASONIC stitching on the minky cover, it means a better tactile feel, no fraying, no bunching and a cleaner, more consistent pattern. 16 x internal fasteners to keep the weight completely distributed. The dimensions are:

King: 203cm x 221cm - which means it fits great on a King or Queen size mattress. 

Super-King: 203cm x 254cm - which means it fits great on a King or Super-King size mattress. 

These are the largest weighted blankets on the market. 

Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods #305060

  • 100% Natural Cotton: Highest grade, breathable cotton. OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

  • Microfibre Bead Barrier: Ensuring there is no bead leakage to keep the weight evenly distributed.

  • Cotton Fill: For that luxurious cloud feeling

  • Superior Glass Beads: hypoallergenic, odourless, non-toxic and quiet!

  • Micro Inner Pockets|: smaller compartments for evenly distributed, consistent comfort

Inner Blanket

Our inner blankets are made with breathable cotton filled with a superior glass bead which keeps the blankets thin, quiet, safe and fully washable. Unlike inferior polly-pellets which are detrimental to our environment, glass beads basically become sand once no longer in use.

With the smallest pocket squares the industry has to offer, the weight has extremely even distribution.

Outer Cover

Our outer cover is created with the softest of ultra-plush minky. Minky is one of the comfiest materials on the market and is extremely durable so you know your blanket will last the test of time. Our Diamond ultrasonic sewn design brings luxury and style to another level.