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Lacing Animals

Lacing Animal

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SKU: ELE-004

Cute, assorted lacing animals. The objective of this item is to practice the basic lacing method and to sustain eye and hand co-ordinations and improve finger motions. A great add on gift, or perfect as a party favour. Keep one in your bag to keep children entertained when out and about! Perfect at an appointment to keep them calm.

Sold individually, picked at random.

  • This cute lacing animal comes in the choice of Butterfly, Camel, Hippo or Fish.
  • Perfect for hand eye coordination and pincer grip.
  • It is also a fun and enjoyable toy children will want to play over and over.
  • Occupational Therapists will often recommend threading and lacing exercises to encourage hand eye coordination and hand strenght
  • Pincer grip is strengthened by the way they hold the little wooden stick they use to thread the string in and out of the holes.
  • Sold individually, picked at random.