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Large swing set stand from
Large swing set stand from

Large Swing Set Stand


Why is this stand so popular?

This stand avoids the need for a suitable tree or installing fittings in your property. The wide and deep dimensions of the stand give it good stability. Having nothing beneath the stand (stand legs etc) allows for easier and safer getting on/off and swinging.

  • Galvanised and Powder Coated Steel
  • Includes Stand and 3 Mini-Straps
  • Strong and Easy to Assemble
  • Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors
  • Capacity: 150kg (Suggested), 250kg (Tested)
  • Footprint: 260cm x 206cm
  • Height: 185cm
  • Includes – 1x Swing Set Stand, 3x Mini-Straps (1 having a swivel, 2 having carabiners)

This stand is large, so it can fit the majority of swings width-wise and most swings height-wise. The only ones that it can’t fit are the tallest fixed-length swings like ‘Incline Elastic Swing-120cm’ and ‘Heavy Duty Commercial 100cm Blue Rope Nest Swing’. Since it’s a large stand, we’d suggest checking that your space is suitable in advance.

The Stand: It's powder coated and galvanised for weather resistant and the 260cm by 206cm footprint means that it can fit large swings like the 150cm nest swing, or 2 smaller swings at once.

Suitable Swings: 60-150cm nest swings (with adjustable ropes), wrap swings, pods, hangout etc. Most swings, as long as they're not exceptionally long.

Weight Limit: The stand has a weight capacity of 150kg (suggested), 250kg (tested capacity). If the swing you're attaching has a lower limit, then you should follow that limit.

Set includes: 1x swing set stand, 2x mini-straps with carabiners and 1x mini-strap with swivel.

Adjusting: The ropes can be moved horizontally along the crossbar, but can not be adjusted vertically. So generally you'd be adjusting vertically by adjusting the swing that you attach.

Optional Accessories:

  • Spiral Pegs - in case you'll be swinging high enough that the large base starts to move or lift, then spiral pegs can fix the stand to the ground to allow higher swinging. The spiral pegs are better than normal pegs, since they are XL size at 33cm long (going deep into the ground), they have a spiral on the end to keep them securely in the ground, and they have straps at the top to connect to the stand easily and allow adjustment.
Weight Capacity 150kg (Suggested), 250kg (Tested)
Dimensions 185cm Tall / 260cm Wide / 206cm Deep
What's Included 1x Swing Set Stand, 3x Mini-Straps (1 having a swivel, 2 having carabiners)
Material Galvanised and Powder Coated Steel
Purchase Protection 6 Months