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Marble Maze - Therapy Sensory

Marble Maze

SKU: Nan-0008

How long will it take you to complete the Marble Maze?

A wonderful fidget tool that will keep fingers busy as they push a marble (sewn into the fabric) through a maze of channels. 1 different levels of difficulty  medium to  hard.

 Our marble mazes come in assorted fabrics that are all bright and colourful.

These Marble Maze mats are brilliant-

  • as a fidget tool
  • perfect in the car or for travelling
  • keep in your bag and pull out when you need to distract the kids
  • brilliant for the elderly to keep their hands and brains busy
  • perfect for visually impaired people of all ages

Marble Maze is a wonderful invention where a marble is sewn into the fabric that has channels forming a maze. Move the marble from one end of the maze through to the other end.

  • Pattern picked at random. Pattern can/will vary from image.