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Mat Nest Swing from
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Mat Nest Swing 150cm

SKU: HEV-019Black

The largest nest swing available in Australia! Whilst a 100cm swing is mainly for kids, a 150cm swing can fit adults too. Add a quilt and pillows on top and you’ve got a very relaxing place to lay down.

The swing is very roomy, so could fit multiple kids. The polypropylene micro-weave material (like trampoline matting) is waterproof, smooth and supportive. A lot of people prefer the smooth mat style versus the rope style.

The outer ring is padded for safety and comfort, while the swing uses 8 outer ropes rather than the usual 4 for stability and strength. The tabs connecting the mat to the padded ring keep the mat taut, though the mat will stretch a bit after some use.

  • Largest in Australia
  • Micro-Weave PP Mat (like trampoline matting)
  • Seats Multiple Children or Even Adults
  • Capacity: 140kg Suggested
  • Adjustable Height: 1.2-1.6m
  • Swing Width: 150cm
  • Suggested age 3+

Available in black or orange.

It is commonly hung from a suitably large stand or with tree straps, anchor plates, or ropes. Then you just need a sufficiently strong hanging point with enough space to swing. The height of the hanging point can vary, as the swing can adjust from 1.2-1.6m tall and the tree straps or other hanging accessories can be adjusted too.

You can hang it from 1 or 2 points, depending on if you want it to spin more or swing mainly forwards and backwards.
The hanging height should be low enough that you or the children can get on and off safely. Also consider the safety of the surrounding area such as the floor (grass is softer and safer than cement) or objects below the swing (remove potentially dangerous objects eg. toys).

Once it's set up, it's ready for not only the kids, but adults too. That is the great benefit of this swing. Just check the strength of the setup and you're ready to swing.

Please follow the manual when setting it up. There is a trick that you should follow to get it together easier.


Weight Capacity 140kg Suggested
Hanging Length 120-160cm
Swing Width 150cm
What's Included Mat Nest Swing with Adjustable Ropes
Purchase Protection 6 Months