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Matching Expressions Game

Matching Expressions Game

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All children can benefit from this social skills game. Particularly helpful for those diagnosed with Autism or other co-morbid conditions where understanding facial expressions may not come naturally.

Have some fun and giggles by encouraging the child to express each emotion on their own face.  Talk about each emotion expressed on the cards and link it to what makes them feel happy, sad, angry etc. This will help build a greater understanding of that emotion, what it means and how to express it.

Includes 4 wooden Cards and 24 facial expressions.



In this wooden lotto game your child will match the characters with the tiles of the same emotional expression.

It helps if you talk about each emotion, what makes them feel happy, sad, angry, including all the emotions expressed on the cards.

You could also talk about ways in which the  child could regulate some of their own emotions eg. when scared - cuddle a teddy, when angry - take a deep breath and count to five etc.

The game is designed to be played by 2 to 4 players, but a clever teacher can use it for a whole class.

Age 3+ Players 2-4