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Mini Parachute -

Mini Parachute 1.8m

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SKU: HAR-33-103

The Mini Parachute is a multi-coloured sturdy nylon parachute at 1.8m diameter with 6 handles.

Parachute play is an enjoyable way for children to develop motor coordination, team play and collaborative decision making skills.

  • Stitched handles and mesh porthole.
  • Comes in convenient cloth carry bag.
  • Size: 180cm
  • 6 handles

A fun activity that promotes teamwork and practice of social skills, whilst offering lots of health benefits. Place the parachute flat on the floor and the participants stand around it in a circle. Everyone grabs ahold of the parachute and works together to use it for various activities:

  • bouncing small objects on top
  • lifting it up and running underneath
  • walking around it like a merry-go-round.

The material is light and easy to work with, yet offers enough resistance that it’s excellent for strengthening the upper torso.

This form of play encourages a variety of different skills.

  • kids learn about cooperative play (taking turns) and communication (learning to follow instructions)
  • development of a sense of rhythm with repetitive motion and songs
  • visual perception is strengthened and challenged
  • encourage socialisation and language development