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Movement Tube

SKU: BOD-011RoyalBlue

This Movement Tube was created for people wanting a tunnel that could be used for daily activities. The tube is long enough to cover the body with movement of the arms and legs and wide enough to provide sensory input for self regulation.

The Movement Tube can be used for reading, as a tunnel, time out hidey hole or a movement tool at school office or home when there is a need for sensory input or play.

Each Movement Tube has an opening at each end and is wide enough to fit a hula hoop, fitness ball and other useful therapeutic devices to promote movement and relaxing pressure.

Approximately 150cm in length

Safety recommendations

  • Made from quality Lycra.
  • The movement Tube has open ends that help the user to gain easy access and push against the material for deep pressure input.
  • Push a large ball through for extra resistance
  • Use with a Parent or carer is recommended.