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Multi Colour Canvas Hammock with Spreader Bar


Why should I get a hammock?

You’ll sleep better. Many studies have shown that hammocks not only help you get to sleep faster but also they help you have a much deeper sleep. The natural rocking motion of the hammock helps you get into a deeper REM sleep and can also help with insomnia. Hammocks are also lots of fun, lazing in the garden in the warm sun, a hammock can’t be beaten. People with special needs often enjoy the wrap around effect that a hammock can give, making them feel like they are being hugged.

This single person multi-colour canvas hammock (80cm wide) will brighten up any house or garden. It is made from 65/35 poly-cotton canvas and is smooth and comfortable to lay in.

  • Bright Canvas Material
  • Suits 1 Person
  • Capacity: 120kg
  • Width: 0.8m
  • Lying Length: 2.0m
  • Hanging Length: 3.3m

Specifications - 

Weight Capacity 120kg
Lying Length 2.0m
Lying Width 0.8m
Hanging Length 3.3m
Weight 1.4kg
Accommodates 1 Person
What's Included Hammock Only
Purchase Protection 6 Months