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Neptune Weighted Blanket

SKU: NEP-116

The Neptune Weighted Blanket II has extremely even weight distribution which applies Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation (DTPS) to give you that 'hugged' feeling in stressful situations or when you need to calm down and get some much needed rest. Now with Aromatherapy pouch included.

When everyday life gets a little too much.

The Premium Neptune Weighted Blanket® II is our latest sensory therapy weighted blanket for kids and adults. 7 layer construction with industries smallest pocket squares for even weight distribution, ULTRASONIC stitching on the minky cover which means a better tactile feel, no fraying, no bunching and a cleaner, more calming pattern.

**Queen size refers to the top of a queen size mattress with no overhang. Please refer to blanket dimensions in the size guide to determine if suitable for your needs. 

Washing Instructions:

Simply separate the inner blanket from the cover and put in your washing machine on a low temperature, gentle cycle. We suggest line drying the inner blanket. The minky cover can be tumble dried which will actually make it softer!