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Nest Swing 'Climbing' with Rotating clip

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These Nest Swings are the best outdoor swing, kids just love them and they are so much fun and with the added feature of the net rope side walls just makes it a great swing.

Great for vestibular input with the web design allowing children to grab onto the webbing while they lay down and swing. The net rope side walls are great for children to feel secure in the nest swing while swinging. 

Comes with:

  • an extension chain
  • a S hook
  • 1 rotational hook

The basket swing web swing design with net rope walls, allows children to lay down, sit or stand while swinging. This is a great group swing for children and all abilities to use. Has two access points to climb into the swing easily.

This is an ideal special needs swing.  A great sensory therapy swing. Swinging is a great way to provide rhythmic input giving vestibular motion having a calming effect that autistic children need and love.

For children aged 3+

Multi-Coloured swing
Weight Limit: up to 100kgs
Dimensions: 1m diameter

To suite swing frame height 2.2m approx