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Number slide puzzle from displays a wooden puzzle with number pieces that slide around to fit under the correct picture of number items.

Number Slide Puzzle

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SKU: KIN-005

Puzzles are always fun, but this puzzle is special. It has sliding pieces, so you slide the numbers to match the pictures. Count the pictures to make sure they match the number. Because the pieces slide, you don’t lose them like regular puzzles. This puzzle is perfect for school, preschool or home. It helps teach children their numbers in a super fun way. Time yourself for an extra challenge.

  • Made of wood
  • Size:30 x 40cm
  • Fun puzzle
  • Sliding number pieces - won't be lost like regular puzzles
  • Helps children learn their numbers.
  • Great for fine motor skills
  • Perfect for school, preschool or home.
  • Made of solid wood