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Peejamas Short Set from SALE

Peejamas - Short

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Help your kids potty train more quickly. Peejamas are overnight training pants that are capable of absorbing and retaining 295 mls of fluid. Peejamas are reusable and washable for more than 300 washes.

Save hundreds of dollars compared to nighttime pull ups and nappies. More eco-friendly than disposable nappies!

These Peejamas function as regular pajamas after your child stops wetting the bed.

Note:  Not designed for heavy bedwetting children. Designed for those children starting to become dry at night.   Always recommended to use with a mattress protector.

Available in – Size 4=Waist 40cm, Size 5=Waist 41cm, Size 6= Waist 46cm


Shorts size 4 size 5 size 6
Length 35cm 37cm 39cm
Waste Width (Relaxed) 40cm 41cm 46cm
Waist Width (Stretched) 56cm 60cm 70cm
Leg Hole (Relaxed) 24cm 28cm 30cm
Leg Hole (Stretched) 30cm 34cm 36cm

Do not use bleach, do not iron and do not use fabric softener, do not dry clean.

Outer: 100% Cotton Inner: 80% Bamboo / 20% polyester

Waterproofing: PUL Made from OEKO-TEX certified fabrics.

Peejamas are NOT pre-washed, meaning they may shrink. Please account for possible shrinkage when determining your sizing.