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Premium Swivel and Large Carabiners from displays a figure 8 swivel and 2 large metal carabiners to hang hammocks with.

Premium Swivel and Large Carabiners


This is a premium swivel with 2x matching large carbiners.  It is suited to the C-Stand, to allow for freer spinning, or for use with other swings if your setup allows. It has 2 matching carabiners included, so should be able to attach to most setups.

Note: Swing straps already have swivels attached, so if you intended to use swing straps, then you likely wouldn’t need this swivel. But this swivel is a more premium version than the one on the straps, so if you had a plan to set up the swing not using a strap, then this swivel could be a better option.

  • Pre-Matched For the C-Stand Or Most Swings
  • Comes as a Set with 2 Carabiners
What's Included Premium Swivel (1), Large Carabiners (2)
Purchase Protection 6 Months