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Dancing Rainbow Scarves set of six from in red, blue, yellow, orange green and purple. scarves are scrunched up all together.

Rainbow Dancing Scarves - set of 6

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SKU: HAR-33-163

Dancing and juggling rainbow scarves are light and brightly coloured which are perfect for everyone including small children. The slow movement of the scarves in the air allows for more time to track and catch the scarves when juggling. Can also be used as a sensory scarf where you rub it gently across your child’s face or tickle them behind an ear of on the legs. If your child is old enough to grasp the scarf, hand it to them and let them rub it on your skin and their own skin.

  • Soft fabric
  • Suitable for musical play, kindergartens, dance groups or magic trick performance
  • Each scarf is 60cm x 60cm.
  • Set of 6
  • Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green