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Rainbow baton from displays multiple glitter rainbow wands.

Rainbow Glitter Baton

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Dazzle your audience as you twirl this sparkling rainbow baton. While baton twirling is challenging, once you get the hang of it, you absolutely need a rainbow baton. Your audience will be mesmerised as you twist, twirl, and throw your rainbow baton and catch it when feeling confident.

The astonished cries of your audience will only lift your sprits and increase the ability to throw the rainbow baton higher in the air, to twist it faster in your hands. You will be on fire with your rainbow baton and the world will take notice!

Helps with hand eye coordination and gross motor skills.


  • Baton twirling is fun for all ages, and all genders, skill combined with practice can see you doing all sorts of tricks.
  • Hand eye coordination is key to throwing a baton.  Just as paying attention and regular practice you can make it into a sport commonly used by gymnasts.
  • Perfect for music and movement.