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Rubber return ball from displays a orange, pink yellow and green rubber ball with a string that wraps around the wrist.

Rubber Return Ball - 57mm

SKU: BEN-002

Great for hand eye coordination, Wrist strengthening and gross motor control as you use your muscles to catch or hit the ball each time it returns. As you practice, your bodies coordination will improve and you will become better at keeping the ball going.

The wrist strap wraps around your wrist with velcro keeping it attached strongly, so you don’t lose your ball.

This fun ball game comes in multiple style balls picked at random. You can note your preference in the notes section at checkout and we will try to accomodate your selection.

Hours of fun can be had by all ages with this good old fashioned game of hand ball. You can play this ball game against a wall, but it is not necessary to have a wall to play against as the elastic will bring the ball back every time.