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Sensory Delight Kit from displays 1 pack of stretchy fun toys, 1 x pom pom ball, 1 x wooly bean bag, 1 x shaggy bean bag, 1 x weighted lizard, 1 x shaggy tangle. SALE

Sensory Delight Kit

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SKU: KIT-015

This sensory delight kit has an assortment of textural items to suit everyone. There is weighted, squishy, soft, woolly, squishy, stretchy all covered in the one kit. This kit has something to suit all ages and all abilities.


  • 1 x Weighted Lizard
  • 1 x Woolly bean bag
  • 1 x Shaggy bean bag
  • 1 x Pom Pom ball
  • 1 x Shaggy Tangle
  • 1 x Pack of stretchy fun toys