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Wobble cushion from displays 4 wobble cushions at the top, a child sitting on a wobble cushion on the left and a child standing on a wobble cushion on the right.

Sit and Wobble Cushion


Wobble your way to improved balance and build core strength with a wobble cushion. Great for use with children or adults to improve strength, posture, stability, rehabilitation exercises and to increase focus for sensory seekers. Use multiple cushions to increase difficulty or to focus on your stabilizing and core muscles.

  • Diameter: 33cm
  • One wobble cushion
  • Weight limit: 80kg each

Wobble cushions are small round inflatable cushions of air, strong enough to sit or stand on. Sitting on the cushion creates instability (wobble) that encourages the user to engage their back and core muscles. Similar to sitting on a therapy ball – only smaller, portable and more convenient.  The instability engages the core muscles improving posture and core stability.  The wobble effect makes sensory seeking children focus on how they sit, reducing fidgeting and helping to improve focus on the task in hand. They are also strong enough to be stood on to build core strength and practise balancing.

If sitting your feet should be able to touch the floor whilst using the cushion. People with poor core strength may find prolonged use of the wobble cushion uncomfortable as they are building their core muscle strength.