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Speks Super Oil Slick 3 balls from shows 3 balls in oil slick colours

SPEKS - Super 3 (33mm Magnet Balls)


These magnets aren’t only beautiful and fun to play with, they’re functional too! Click, clack, rack and roll these satisfyingly weighty heavy duty magnets. Supers can also attract paper clips, keep business cards in one place, or act as a paper weight.  Smooth, huh?

Is it a desk organizer or a desk toy? Speks Supers takes all the fun of original Speks, and supersizes ‘em so each smooth magnetic ball fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Fidget with them for stress relief, or use them to organise paper clips – they’re practical and playful!


-3 ferrite magnets

– Silicone covered steel base (3-pack only)

Warning – Caution! Balls may pinch small fingers. Keep away from children. While Speks products are safe with proper use for adults, they must be kept away from all children. If magnets are swallowed or inhaled, they can lead to serious injury and even death. If it’s suspected that a magnet was swallowed, please take immediate action and contact your medical professional.