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Spinning Top

SKU: ELE-003

These beautifully coloured little spinning tops are made of wood for superior lasting quality. Hand painted with stripes which look cute when spun. Great inexpensive addition to any sensory kit, and a must for every classroom.

The little tops will delight everyone as they learn to twist their fingers to make the tops spin. Perfect for refining pincer grip, which is encouraging finger and muscle strength. This is all very important for hand writing. Not everyone has strong hand and finger muscles. It is often recommended by Occupational Therapists to encourage finger and hand strength using toys like spinning tops or wind up toys.

These beautifully colored hand painted wooden tops are perfect to encourage pincer grip and hand strength.

They are also lots of fun, and as an inexpensive toy and sensory tool, children can compete with each other as to who can make theirs spin the longest.

A fun game for everyone. and a perfect addition to any sensory kit.