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Sticky brick tape from displays yellow, purple, orange, red, blue and green rolls of rubber tape 92cm long that you can stick lego to and stick the tape to various surfaces.

Sticky Brick Tape

SKU: TNW-030Blue

Although this tape is designed to use with Lego’s and other brick brands, we actually prefer it as a sensory tool. It can be stuck on anything from a book, to a desk, even on the bedhead. The bumps are satisfying to touch as they have a soft rubbery feel. It could be the perfect fidget tool in the classroom, by sticking it to the desk, or under the edge, it does not interfere with anyone but is good for fidgety fingers to touch and count the bumps.

It is easily cut into pieces of your own choice and put wherever your imagination allows.

  • 92cm long
  • adhesive back
  • can be cut into different sizes


Sticky Brick Tape is a new and exciting thing and the moment.  It is very versatile and a thousand possibilities come to mind.

Being able to secure your LEGO almost anywhere is something all adult and children have wished for.

The sensory options make it even more interesting with the ability to stick it practically anywhere and then be able to run your fingers over the bumps, count the bumps for calming.