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Stretchy Fun Figures packs, Choice of critters.


These little packets of stretchy critters are one of our favourite distraction toys we recommend to parents. They are perfect to keep in your bag for when you are out and about, at the Doctors or anywhere where the child might become bored and heading for a meltdown. Bring out one of these and the child can stretch, twist, fling, pull and generally enjoy playing with this fidget. Great for all ages and you get 6 in a pack. 

These little guys have plenty of STREEEETCHH!!! An excellent fidget toy for exercising your children's engagement and building up their capability to focus. Perfect to keep in your bag and pull out when in tricky situations like Drs offices or long car trips to keep the kids amused.  

Pkt includes 6 pieces, (4 pieces for the Monkey pack.)

Recommended Age:3yrs+