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Super Torch Flashlight

Super Torch Flashlight


If you think the light on your phone is good enough, think again. This isn't our usual type of product but it's definitely a home essential. The Neptune torch is so bright it makes a room look like daylight. Wait until you use it. You'll be absolutely amazed!

So powerful it will light up your whole backyard with ease.


up to 12,000 LUMENS
Rechargeable 2 x Lithium ion batteries
Micro USB charge cable included
Secure strap
Focused or Broad light spread
Modes: Strong, Flash, Economy
Material: Aluminium
IP68 Waterproof

The Neptune Torch produces ultra-bright light which can flood large-areas or use as a perfectly focused spotlight that can easily illuminate a 100sqm room or focus on objects half a kilometre (500m) away. Powered by a 2×26250 Li Ion batteries. 

The body is made of a durable aluminum casing that can withstand a 3m drop. The cooling slots ensure you feel comfortable when used for a prolonged time.

It also has a non-slip, wear-resistant and waterproof design for a wide range of outdoor applications in inclement weather conditions. Perfect for home, camping, hiking, fishing, running, dog walks and emergencies.

With universal USB cable for convenient charging. 4 stage LED power display (4 lights on: 100%; 3 lights on: 75%; 2 lights on: 50%; 1 light on: 25%; no lights on: Time to charge)

Brighten your life. Get yours.