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Time Timer Mod Sleeve TherapySensory

Time Timer Mod - Sleeve Cover Choices

SKU: TIM-013

Whenever you want a change of pace, it’s easy to switch the color of your Time Timer MOD. The Time Timer MOD’s removable silicone cover is a durable and attractive way to protect your new MOD, and it’s available in our most popular colors! Each cover is sold separately.

Available colors:

  • Berry
  • Blue
  • Green

Interchanging the case is great for teachers to designate different classroom centers for different purposes or to use as a visual cue – if the timer is in Lime Green, it’s ok to ask a question. In Berry Pink? Have the students keep trying independently until the timer is up.

It’s also great for parents to use different colors for different children or tasks.

When used with the Time Timer MOD visual timer, this case is ideal for people with special needs, including ADD/ADHD, Autism and other learning disabilities by offering a light level of protection, as well as a soft silicone tactile experience.

Each cover is sold separately.