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Time Timer Wash and Dispenser from

Time Timer Wash + Dispenser

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As we endure living with Coronavirus variants, flu seasons, and common colds, the first line of defence against the spread of disease is scrubbing hands for at least 20 seconds. Touch-less visual timers not only enforce the duration of hand-washing needed to curb infectious disease spread, without having to memorise songs or count, but can also be used to help ease OCD, germaphobia and pandemic anxiety.

The Time Timer WASH + Soap Dispenser is an automatic, touch-less soap dispenser with a visual timer for hand washing built in. The timer can be initiated without touching by simply holding hand under spout.

Soap (not included) automatically dispenses, and the timer will begin the countdown to guide kids and adults through three simple steps of effective hand washing as symbols for soaping up, scrubbing and rinsing appear next to the easy-to-read countdown disk.

The perfect addition to any home, classroom, or office to ensure everyone is washing their hands for the proper duration

Time Timer makes intuitive visual timers that teachers, parents and professionals depend on daily with this one being a  touch-less, water-resistant solution to time hand washing.

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Ellie E
Time time soap dispenser

Love it- kids love it- no more washing their hands too quickly! Only would be better if more than one tune to choose from…. But very happy with this purchase.