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Travel kit from TherapySensory. Contains square pop it, marble fidget, bendy person, stretchy pack rubber toys, water game. Great hand sized fidget toys that can be used in the car, plane or anywhere you travel.

Travel Fidget Kit

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SKU: KIT-006

We all know what a nightmare travel can be with our kids. And the longer the trip the worse it can be. A travel kit is an essential part of any travel situation weather it be car, train or plane.

You can keep the kit and hand the toys out one at a time or give them the whole kit to choose which toy they would like to play with at any time. Each toy is small and easy to fit into a small carry bag.  Easy and portable with hours of fun in each kit.

Colours picked at random. Stretchy fun figure pack animals may vary.

This travel kit is perfect for any kind of travel be it in a car, train or airplane.

It has a selection of fidget products to keep little hands and minds busy.

Contains - 

  • 1 x Water phone puzzle
  • 1 x Square Poppit
  • 1 x Pack of stretchy figures
  • 1 x Bendy smiley person
  • 1 x Marble fidget