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Sea Turtle

SKU: boc-510

Catch a wave with this beautiful green sea turtle and explore the ocean together. Perfect weighted therapy companion for both children and adults with special needs and for lonely seniors and residents in aged care. Very good for calming elderly patients with Dementia and other neurological conditions.

Lifelike replacement for a pet that has been lost or a pet they have always wanted. Substitute emotional support animal providing comfort for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Autism and other mental health challenges. Great gift to keep on the bed or take on car trips, visiting relatives or in fact take anywhere.

  • Made using the highest quality printed polyester,quality stitching and weight for that life like sensation.
  • Hand wash using chemical/soap free cleaning agent
  • Suitable for ages 3

We have some weighted toys in stock, whilst others we may have to custom create when you order. We will ship as soon as the item has been made if not in stock. We will communicate with you for timeframes. Weight can't be increased due to limitations of product size.