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Underlay for The Mellow Mat®
Underlay for The Mellow Mat®
Underlay for The Mellow Mat®
Underlay for The Mellow Mat®

Underlay for The Mellow Mat®

SKU: ULMellowMat-S

The Underlay by Mellow Mat® is an additional super soft memory foam layer designed to sit under your Mellow Mat to create an even more comfortable floor. It adds 20mm of thickness. When used with the Mellow Mat, the total thickness in the middle area is 50mm! If you love your Mellow Mat, you'll love it even more with this accessory. 

Our custom non slip fabric covers both the top and bottom so there's no sliding around. Created slightly smaller than your Mellow Mat so the edges will still touch the floor. (new Mellow Mats may need a few weeks of use for the edges to sag to the floor)

Light weight and easy to wash.

Make it even softer...

Super Soft 

Made of the same cloud as the Mellow Mat

Super Light Weight 

So light and transportable, you can easily move it from room to room. Just like the Mellow Mat

Non Slip Top and Bottom 

The branded non slip bottom means it wont move around on the floor and your Mellow Mat stays in place


4 sizes - Choose the one that fits your Mellow Mat

Sizes: small (0.76x1.26m), medium (1.26x1.76m), large (1.76x2.76m), huge (1.76x3.76m), square (1.76x1.76m)
** Do not use on polished concrete floors with acrylic based sealers. 

 **Like the Mellow Mat, allow 14-21 days to expand to full size from packaging; else you can steam to magically puff to full size in an instant.

**If using an iron to steam, please place a tea towel inbetween the underlay and the iron to avoid burning.