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Underwear Liners set of 3 in green, blue or pink from

Undie Liners x 3

SKU: bro-200

Turns Any Pair of Kids Undies into Training Pants – Waterproof & Washable liner to catch any accidents. Each pack contains 3 Undie Liners in one colour, either – 3 Lime, 3 Pink or 3 Blue. Suitable for kids aged 2 – 4 years.

Undie Liners are designed to aid with day time Toilet Training. They come in a waterproof bag so if you are out and about – you can place wet ones into the bag till you get home.

When a child is in disposables, they aren’t getting the signals that they are wet. They can happily continue on with their play and not be interrupted. With undie liners, they will feel the wetness and will start to recognise the signals about getting to the potty / toilet sooner.

We know we need to get our kids buy-in when it comes to day time potty training.

What better way to do it than getting some fab new undies and then snapping a fabric, waterproof, washable liner on to catch any accidents.

They aren’t designed to hold a full wee as that would make them no different to nappies. They are there so they feel the wet and realise they need to react a bit sooner next time.