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Wet Bag Large from displays 2 wet bags with handles designed to keep damp clothing, underwear and towels for home or travel use.

Wet Bag - 40x65cm

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Handy for anything you or your kids have that gets wet – underwear, clothes, togs, or towels! Or put in your child’s room so they have a place to put their dirty washing. This large wet bag is easy and compact to store which makes it super handy when traveling.

Place over the laundry door knob or on a hook and when you are ready to wash, empty the clothing into your machine, turn the wet bag inside out and add to the machine. Easy!

  • Zippered closure for odour control
  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly
  • Waterproof  (seams and zip are not sealed, designed to hold damp items)
  • Easy to wash, dry & hang
  • Generous sized handle to fit over most door knobs or hooks
  • Sizing- 65cm x 40cm
  • Versatile- Change Time, Potty Training, Swimming, Travel

What can wet bags be used for?

    • Dirty nappies (cloth & disposable)
    • Dirty bibs after you have been to that lovely cafe for lunch
    • Potty training - undies that have been “caught out” Carry a set of dry clothes and wipes and fill with the wet ones if there is an accident.
    • Wet swimsuits and towels
    • Travel laundry (keep your undies separate from your shoes) or for separating dirty laundry from clean
    • A busy bag....fill with a snack and small toys/colouring pad and crayons so it can be grabbed out at a cafe or while waiting for appointments to keep the little ones occupied
    • Loop to hang on a hook, that makes it great for changing rooms/bathrooms etc
    • Muddy /wet sports gear and dirty shoes from sport or day care/pre-school
    • Spare clothes