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Whistle with Compass & Thermometer

SKU: NEW-024

This whistle is a great little tool that comes in handy if you have a child who absconds and gets lost. They can wear this whistle around their neck and whistle for you to find them. Can also be worn under clothing and used when scared to call for support. Great to use on any bushwalk, orienteering or camping trip. 

It comes with a handy string to keep it around your neck.

 This whistle is great for kids to take outside, if they are going bush walking, or even to a park. 

The whistle is an excellent safety feature, both for if they get lost, but also if they feel unsafe. Sometimes when your child wants to go to the big people's toilet but you worry sick are they safe, this whistle can give you peace of mind if anyone approaches them that they can call for help. Not all children are verbal and some clam up under stress. This is a great tool to help them feel safer.